Infos pratiques

5th of July
Université des Metiers
Bayonne - FRANCE


Program available soon.

FR > EN traduction during the day.

AM: First Part focused on entrepreneurship and education

> Conference: “The teaching of entrepreneurship in Europe” (9:15-10:00)

General overview: How in Europe, education makes the link with the world of business?

> Restitution of the YESict European project (10:00-11: 30)

Presentation of the project – Which methodology – Which experiments – Which results – Which Assessment – The following

> Presentation of digital tools dedicated to the teaching of entrepreneurship (11:30-12:15)


PM: Second Part focused on vocational training and apprenticeship

> Conference on digitization of vocational training (2pm-3pm)

What observations? how to lift the brakes …? What tools?

> What innovative(s) pedagogical(s) method(s) for apprenticeship (3pm – 4pm)


Conclusion (4pm-5pm)


Education, Youth and Digital: What Future? What are the issues? What innovative paths for our territory?