Developping Young Entrepreneurial Skills thanks to information and communication technologies


From Sept-2015 to August 2018

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The project in few words

Digital technology to make today’s 11 years old children, entrepreneurs tomorrow!

Convinced that “Being an entrepreneur” has to be taught, antic has imagined YESict. This european pilot project, financed by Erasmus +, gathers 6 partners with complementary expertises.

YESict aims to design and experiment in real conditions an innovative pedagogical program using new technologies to teach entrepreneurial skills to junior high school students.

 Antic collaborates with 6 partners with specific expertises:

MGEP (Polytechnic school of Mondragon [Spain] – University of Nicosia [Cyprus] – Synthesis [Cyprus] – Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ex: Vaeksthus Zealand) [Danemark] – Ikastolen Elkartea [Spain] – FH Joanneum [Austria]

Follow the project: @pays_basque #YESict


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