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Creative industries at the service of social innovation.

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Developping Young Entrepreneurial Skills thanks to information and communication technologies

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A few words about antic.

Established in 1999 by the Agglomeration Pays Basque and supported by it ever since, antic – a non-profit association under the French law of 1901 – is an active, committed and highly skilled organisation, hot on the heels of the future and a great believer in experimentation! It is a constant hive of activity which brings order to disorder, fuels digital culture and develops uses for digital technology in the local area.


Because digital technology is an opportunity for our area, antic has been committed for many years now to developing uses for it, spreading digital culture and setting up experimental projects.

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Because antic’s strength is in the diversity and expertise of its members, find out about those who stand alongside us, and who fly the flag for digital technology in our area.

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Because antic embodies skills at the service of stakeholders in the region and supports you and your digital projects. As a group or an individual, antic can offer you customised services.

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Because antic is constantly reinventing itself to the rhythm of its ecosystem, symposiums, exchanges and opportunities, and dares, imagines, creates and experiments. Find out about some of our pilot projects.

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